A Warm Hello

Inspired to Inspire

Ever since I was a little girl, writing has been a passion of mine. I remember being in the third grade, my teacher was Mr. Handwerk, and enjoying the moments we had to write short stories. I had a hard time keeping my stories short! I loved putting life into characters and giving them a voice. When I became a teenager, English was my favorite subject. I especially loved writing essays. I loved working out the details of the thesis I was trying to prove. And in my spare time, I wrote in my journals to empty out my head and write out all of my emotions. I enjoyed writing poems and songs, putting on paper what I was feeling inside. The last couple of years, writing has been my form of therapy. When I became a mom, however, the writing became less of a priority. I realize, though, that since I stopped writing frequently, my head has been getting fuller and my body more tense.

When I was small, my dad told me I should write a biography about my life. I thought that would be boring. But as I have grown up and experienced different seasons, I realized that sharing my story might not be such a bad idea. You see, we all have a story. We all have experienced things in life that has made us who we are. A lot of times we try to forget the past and move on. We want to change the very things that may have been just the things that formed us. I have a voice that needs to be shared. And so do you.

That is exactly what I want to start doing with this blog. I want to slowly start sharing my story. It will probably be random bits, sometimes going back to my past and other times sharing very present moments. But I also want to share YOUR story. We all have something to give to this world, something that can inspire someone else. I want to help you start letting your voice be heard, by first of all making my own known.

I hope you will join me on this journey. Feel free to contact me and share along!
I feel inspired to inspire.



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