Welcome Summer With These Treats

Being a lover of the cold, winter weather, I never understood the people who looked forward to the summer heat. For me it was just that: hot, sticky weather that made me want to faint and fly off to a snow covered place.
This year, however, I am slowly beginning to understand all the excitement for the summer sun. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and am starting to feel a bit more energetic. The last couple of weeks have been extremely challenging and hard. The pregnancy has been difficult on me and combining that with raising two small children asked  a lot of my whole being. But, a week ago, the warm, summer weather arrived in Holland! And to my surprise, the sun gave me energy! This last week I have felt so much better and been able to do more. I finally took my kids outside again (all on my own!). Definitely a small victory for me. Even though I am glad the weather will be cooling down a bit again this week, I can say that I have finally learned to appreciate the sun more.

So, in honor of summer, I rounded up eight (being my favorite number) delicious summer treats for you! I haven’t made all of them yet, so I can’t say how yummy they really are. But the pictures have me craving each and every one of these. Or maybe that’s the pregnancy…?

Yogurt Parfait Popsiclesyogurt-parfait-popsicles-by-le-zoe-musings-2.jpgHow delicious do these look? Plus side of these popsicles, they are healthy! This way you can enjoy summer without a guilty feeling. Check the recipe out here.

Frozen Yogurt BarkFrozen-Yogurt-Bark_003.jpgThese look like frozen cookies to me that will be great any time of the day. I love that you can add any topping you want or have lying around. Great way to switch up a basic recipe. Curious how to make it? Click here!

Watermelon IceunnamedHow great is this? Ice cubes made from watermelon, which add flavour to your water! I will definitely be trying this one soon!

Strawberry Shortcake Kabobsstrawberry-shortcake-kabobs-3These would be a great addition to a barbecue! Also fun and easy to make with kids.

Strawberry Cucumber LimeadeStrawberry-Cucumber-Limeade-3The taste of plain water can get boring after a while. I love this version of flavored water!

Breakfast Berry Parfait Yogurt PopsiclesBerry-Parfait-Yogurt-Popsicles-600x900.jpgBreakfast popsicles? Yes please! This will definitely be added to my to do list! I bet my son will love breakfast a lot more after he has had one of these!

Refreshing, Nourishing Vitamin Watervitamin-water-3-0813Here is another fun twist to water. A fun way to serve water to your guests on those hot summer days!

Dutch Stroopwafel Ice Cream Sandwichescolorful-waffle-ice-cream-sandwiches-stacke.jpgBecause I am from Holland and “stroopwafels” are a traditional cookie here, I could not leave out this recipe! Great as a dessert or for a special treat when your guests decide they want some coffee on a hot summer day!

I found all these recipes on Pinterest. You can follow along!

I would love to hear which is your favorite! Have a great Tuesday.




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