Finding the right balance has always been hard for me. I’m the black and white type of girl. It’s either all or nothing. But that’s why I usually stop things halfway through. I give it everything in the start, but then discover that I wasn’t being rational. I gave too much, which ended up leaving me exhausted and hating whatever I was loving at first.

That is exactly what happened with our small business making handlettered signs. I got too passionate, wanted too much and couldn’t find a way to balance it with a family. When I discovered I was pregnant, I instantly decided to stop EVERYTHING and said I would never start again. Typical. The last couple of weeks I have been regaining my energy and my passion for life again. I discovered something. Handlettering has become a part of me without me even realizing it. I thought I would be fine without it. But the truth is, I need it. Handlettering helps me relax and gives me something I can be proud of. I was happy to have discovered this because it means I have found a part of myself. It shows I have grown! So my hands have been anxiously waiting to start writing again. Luckily, I have some fun projects to work on. If you are following me on Instagram, you wil have seen some of my recent work.


What I have realized is that it is good to take a break and step away from things when they become overwhelming. It helps you regain new perspective. But it is also a way to be re-inspired and to discover what you are really passionate about.

How do you find balance in your daily life? I could definitely still use some tips!

Have a great day!




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