Inspired to Inspire
Life has thrown a lot my way. My reaction mostly has been hiding, observing or, in my braver moments, discovering. I am still on the journey of discovering my place in this world. But what I have found out is that we all have a voice that needs to be heard and a talent that needs to be seen. Sadly, however, a lot of us spend our life like I do, hiding and scared to show who we really are. This blog will be my place for discovering and sharing voices and talents. And most importantly, for sharing my own.

Here is a small glimpse of me.
I am a young stay at home mother to a two and one year old, with the third baby on its way. My husband is my best friend, the person I lean on most and the hardest to stay mad at. I love snow, ice cream (with sprinkles please!), high heels (though due to pregnancy I sadly can’t wear them anymore), thrift stores, the mountains and Bolivia will always feel like home.